H4 EAD renewal 180days prior to expiry

Are people receiving RFE for renewal filing 180 days prior to expiry instead of 120 days?
What are the next steps in case you receive an RFE for this reason? Do you have to reapply and do you lose your spot in the line (clock resets again)?

You have re-apply again and you lose your spot in the queue.
When you apply at 120 day mark, they add your application to queue at that time.

Thank you for the prompt response Anil.

Is everybody who applied 180days prior for H4 EAD getting a RFE?

I have applied on May 4th and still not received a response from USCIS. should I be expecting a RFE since I applied for renewal 180 days prior and not 120 days.

Please let me know.

Thank you.


Well, not everybody is getting it.

I have heard from more than 1 person though that they got RFE for applying too early.

Officially, USCIS does allow applying for EAD renewal 180 days in advance.

Till the time you are not getting any RFE, you are good. Just wait and watch.