H1B visa renewal

Hi Anil,

My H1B visa expires in September. I would like to transfer it to another Employer. The Employer A (my current) asked me if I want to have it renewed and I said yes, shortly after I got an offer from an Employer B. Should I just tell the Employer A not to proceed with the renewal and start the transfer ASAP and then inform the Employer A that I would like to leave for the Employer B when the transfer is complete? What would be your advice on handling that…? Please help

It depends on your personal choice and relationship with current employer.

Thank you Anil. With the transfer to another employer, does the h1b gets automatically renewed for another 3 years?

Usually, every Employer requests for 3 year term and if approved, you do get full 3 year.

Thank you Anil. I am in NY but The Employer B in (CN) wants to transfer my h1b. Do you know if the premium processing is available now? Would that be paid by me or the Employer B?

Can I start working for Employer B even if the transfer has not been completed yet?

Let me know, please.