H1b validity exists after resignation

Hi Anil,

I have query: I have resigned from company A. And I have visa till 2022.
I do not have any other compant offer yet. Currently I am in India. So, is it possible, whether other company can utilize and transfer my H1b visa.
Whether company A will do revoke my H1b visa or not?

Could you please tell me the possibility further?


I resigned from company A which sponsored my usa H1B Visa, its validity till 2022 and stamped. Without another job or company to transfer the visa to, can the sponsored company do anything which can result in my visa getting cancelled?

Hi @Julie

You can use the H1B to transfer to some other Employer from India. Once approved, you can travel to US.

Your old company may apply for H1B withdrawal but it won’t affect your H1B transfer.

Thanks for the reply.
As per above matters, I don’t have job in usa and have H1b visa. And current job is resigned.

I would like visit my family friends so need to apply visitor visa to USA. Is it possible to apply now? Is there any issue, if I am holding without jobs and H1b visa. How long I will get visitor visa?. Is there any restrictions ?

Hi @Julie

You can apply US B1/B2 visitor visa but chances of its approval are low as you hold an H1B work visa.

Can I travel to USA, without transfer H1b Visa,using with same H1B document & valid stamped visa, in case of resignation from company A.

.Can I use my previous employer’s H1B visa stamp to enter the US after I change my employer?
I have an H1B visa stamp valid until March, 2021

Hi @Julie

You will not be allowed to enter US on H1B visa unless you have valid job to start working in US on day 1.