H1B Transfer with old Wage Level(L-4) LCA and PERM filing with downgraded Wage Level in PWD

Can someone help with me situation please,
Current Situation:
Got I140 approved in Aug/2020 with April/2020 Priority date with Employer-A. H1B Maxout date is Oct-12-2020. Got an offer from Employer-B as a FTE (Non-service based company). Employer A filed for Extension in Normal mode. Employer-B filed for Transfer in Premium and promised to initiate GC process after 3 to 6 months.
Employer B got the LCA certified in L-4 before the recent Wage Level hike (Oct-1st). I read in lot of forums that the H1 Transfer should not be an issue since the LCA was certified before Oct-7th. My concern in when the new Employer initiates the GC process and during PWD, with the new wage Level increase, I highly doubt new Employer would match L-4 revised pay since the difference is way too much. Would there be any issue if they downgrade the wage level to L-3/L-2 during PWD in GC process whereas the H1 Transfer had L-4 in LCA. Please advise

There can be questions asked or there may be an audit done to know how can the same job have two different job wage levels.

@Anil_Gupta. Thanks for the clarification!