H1B to H4 COS and then travel to India

I’m on H1B visa and the expiry is until 09/30/2021. I got laid off from my project on 01/31/2021. I’m 8 months pregnant and cannot travel to India. I’m planning to apply for a H1 to H4 COS by end of Feb 2021. I’ve plans to travel back to India in July 2021 for few months. If the COS is not approved until then,

  1. Can I apply for a H4 Visa and get it stamped from US embassy in India?
  2. My H1b visa max out is in 2024. In that case, Can I file for a new H1b using my H1b Cap from India after July 2021 and apply? Do I need to take any withdrawal action on H1 to H4 COS?