H1B Stamping in India affected by shoplifting arrest in USA?

Guys, I was arrested on shoplifting charges at walmart 5 years ago in 2014.

I wanted to return certain stuff that I bought from walmart and the store person did not accept the returns as he thought they were damaged.

Coincidentally even I wanted to return the item because it was damaged (a leather iphone cover worth $38).

It had been just 2 days since I purchased the item. The store person handed over the item to me and asked me to make way for others in the queue.

This upset me.
I decided to keep the damaged item in the same place where I picked it 2 days ago and picked up a new cover.
I was caught and they called the cops. Cutting the long story short, I was arrested and handed over a court letter and left the same day.

I went to the court and the prosecutor after hearing everything warned me and downgraded the shoplifting charges and convicted me of a lesser charge which is municipal township ordinance.

No jail time.
I had to pay around $700 as fine.

So, the initial charge was for shoplifting but the final court conviction was for a downgraded or a much lesser offense (municipal township ordinance which is non criminal and a civil offense).

After this incident I had 2 successful H1B applications (one for transfer recently and the other for extension). I never had my visa stamped after this incident.

I am visiting India for stamping in 2 months. I have all the relevant documents.

I have answered the DS 160 question correctly (an arrest based question to “yes”). Will this case have any bearing on the stamping.

I am not sure worried about other H1B related questions as I work for a product based company and the wage level, college degree are all correct. Would be great if some one can guide here. Thanks!

It depends on the individual visa officer who will take your interview.

Normally, if you have paid the fine, you are fine and you should get your H1B visa stamp.

The shoplifting offence is a big issue at the time of green card application generally and not at H1B stamping.

For GC, they look at your complete history.

I do not think that H1B stamping can be rejected for this offence.
I know that Visa officers do have authority to reject visa on DUI (driving under influence) charges but never heard of denials based on shoplifting.

Hi, have you attended visa stamping? what is your result now, I am in the same situation planning to go in 2 months, it would be greatfull if you replied with your siatuation.

Hi Sidhu, Did you get any help? If possible can you tell what step you took

Hello Manning

What happened to your stamping. One of my friend has same situation. He is going to stamping in couple of months.

Hello, I had also same issue, I am on H1b and my wife on H1 visa. Got arrasted in shoplifting and my wife is planing to traveling to India, does she have any issue for visa stamping(dropbox) and at port of entry when she return back to India ?

Does any one travel to India after that ? Please any one reply would be appriciated.
My email is greatbc14@gmail.com