H1B RFE response sent with Premium processing Upgrade - No update yet

My employer sent my amendment RFE response back with PP last week but till now i dint see any update saying they have received the response for RFE. i see that the packet is received and signed by some one at USCIS CA center.

what is your opinion on this?

Thanks In Advance

USCIS sends each status updated on email for H1B premium processing application.

You should check with your employer’s attorney as to the status that they may have received.

Either anyone has received email from USCIS till now

Everyone that I know and had filed H1B in premium received the status update via email.

Hi Anil,

I got H1B transfer status is now RFE. My question : Is it possible to rfe response reply with premium process? My rfe response due date is end of October 2020.

Note:1. H1B transfer filed with regular processing >> RFE got >>> RFE due date is Oct end .

H1b Transfer after RFE - is it possible to rfe response by premium processing

  1. H1b Transfer with regular processing
  2. Now RFE status
  3. RFE due date is Oct 6th 2020
  4. My question is, is it possible to rfe response by premium processing to pay with?

You can upgrade to premium processing with RFE response.