H1B Request for initial evidence

Is it necessary to send current and all prior F1 i20’s for H1B COS petition ?
Im on initial opt and my employer have filed h1b COS. I have given current F1 i20 for my petition.
Recently my status got updated to request for initial evidence was sent.
Is there a difference with initial and additional request for evidence in complexity ?

It depends on what documents have been requested in the RFE.

Do you know what has been asked by USCIS?

The RFE is regarding Speciality Occupation. For the RFE response it was not asked for I20s.
Can I provide all i20s as well in the response to rfe even though it is not asked for? I gave only the current i20 at the time of filing to my employer. Will it result in another RFE again for the this reason?

Why would you add documents that have not been requested?

Its always better to reply to the RFE with the documents that USCIS has requested.