H1B premium application delayed due to security check. 240 days limit approaching

My H1B extension application was filed in normal processing but was later upgraded to premium.
It has been not been moving for 4 months and then we decided to upgrade it to premium. Even after premium, we did not receive any response from USCIS.

When we called up USCIS, they say the case is in ‘Security check’ processing.
My 240 days limit is fast approaching and I am scared about what would happen.

It may sound weird but we have heard of many cases where the different type of H1B applications are stuck with USCIS due to security check:

  1. H1B extension
  2. H1B change of employer OR H1B transfer.

We have heard that even if you file in premium or upgrade your application to premium later, the result is still the same for some of the cases i.e. no result.

If you call USCIS to inquire about your case, you get an answer that your case is in ‘Security check’ processing.

Unfortunately, there is nothing that you or your employer can do effectively.
The only thing that could be done is to contact your area’s congress man and ask them for help. Each state has their own congress representatives and you (better if your employer does it) can ask them to ask USCIS about the reason for delay.

In case of Texas, you can contact Senator John Cornyn here.

On this link, choose ‘Get help with federal agency’ and then ‘USCIS’. Provide your details submit.

Hey your application got cleared in security check ?