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I am on H1B visa which is valid till 2022, but from one month I started working remotely, and might work remotely for two more months, if USCIS officer comes for a site visit, will they give NOID ? or It shouldn’t be problem because I still work for a same client ?

and In worst case If I receive a NOID, can I Immediately do a H1B Extension/Amendment ?
Let me know your thoughts.


@anil_gupta , any suggestion ?

See this discussion:

Thanks for sharing the post.

I see what was happend, but I still have couple of questions:

  1. Generally when NOID is issued, we have 30 days to respond to it, that means the existing H1B is valid, right ?
  2. then we respond to the NOID and to be on the safe side, we apply amendment/extension.

Am I missing anything ?


You can apply for amendment extension while NOID decision is pending but if all subsequent H1Bs will be rendered invalid or revoked if the base H1B is revoked.

So, it does not really make any big difference if you apply for a new H1B amendment or extension while NOID is issued. Its too big a risk.

Thank you @Anil_Gupta !

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