H1B interview at Hyderabad received 221G white form to submit additional documents

Hi All,

I have attended the Visa interview on 23-Oct-2018 in Hyderabad and received 221G white form to submit additional documents. I am curious about whether my Visa is approved or not, as they returned my passport after interview.

Documents to submit:

  1. End client letter
  2. W2s
  3. Pay stubs

I have never been to USA and this would be my first visit to USA. Hence, W2 forms and USA Pay stubs will not be applicable to me. but i attach my Indian Pay stubs for 2017 and 2018 till date and IT returns of my employment in India for the assessment year 2017-2018 and 2018-2019.

Anyone in the same situation.

Anticipating your response on this. Thank you.

Form 221g Passport returned - Admin processing

Your visa has neither been rejected not approved at this time.
Once you submit the documents, they will analyze your application again and take a decision.

Form 221(g) Documents to Submit

  1. End Client letter
    You have to get it from your client mentioned in H1B application

  2. W2s
    Yes, you can use Indian Income Tax returns.

  3. Pay Stubs
    Yes, you can use Indian Pay Slips.

Thank you Anil for your response.
How many days will take take this process to complete?

There is no fixed time limit.

But, it usually take about 8-10 weeks.
It can be less or more too and varies by case to case.