H1b extension rejection after i94 expiry

How long can one stay in the US after h1b extension gets rejected ( i94 is expired too )
Does USCIS provide any time for us to wrap up things here in US ? Or is it ASAP.


Officially, the day denial decision is made is considered the last day. There is no grace period if i94 has already expired.

But, usually 10-15 days is what people take to wrap up and leave USA.

In future, whenever the US Visa is applied, this extra time spent will have to be explained and it is okay with USCIS.
They do consider it as normal and do not let it affect your future applications.

Ok thank you . If a h1 extension is rejected and i94 is still not expired, can one continue working until i94 expiry ?.

It depends on your CURRENT H1B status then.

In most cases, if your i94 is still valid, your existing #usa:h1b would still be valid till your i94 expiry and hence you can keep working.

Ok. Just checking for friend who needs to apply for his extension and thinking if we need to go for regular or premium.

In current scenario, i would strongly recommend to go for premium.

Regular applications are taking too long to process.


Thanks you so much for your response.