H1B Extension for SOC 15-1132 for Job title Project Manager

Hi Anil,
My I140 is recently approved. my 5th year H1B is ending in Nov 2019, my employer is filing for extension for next 3 years based on approved I140, however law firm is saying that they dont want to file under same SOC (15-1199.09) as they are seeing many RFE’s and denials on that.

they are suggesting to go with new SOC code which is 15-1132, my designation is Sr. Project manager and wage level is 2. my question is, 15-1132 is for Software Developer, Application. my job duties does include application design, development and supervising dev teams, do you think my designation title might create issue here. Law firm is very confident that its not an issue. my graduation is in Information Technology.

USCIS looks at both job title as well as job duties.

So, you have a good chances of RFE if they do not match. At this time, the safe bet is to go with any technical job title or adjust the Project manager’s job description, roles and responsibilities to reflect more of technical work than managerial.

It is easier to prove H1B as specialty occupation for technical role than managerial these days.

thanks for the reply Anil. Job description is very technical and minimum managerial work. Only think bothers me changing Title at this point is my current H1B is on Sr. Project Manager if i even change to Sr. Project Manager (Applications) i think it will be issue coz i140 and PERM both are on Sr. Project Manager. Thoughts ?

It can cause an issue as per my opinion but if your attorney if confident, then you can go ahead with it.

Hi Rohit
What was the outcome. Which soc code did you choose finally and was it a success