H1B Extension filing - client is same, address is same but client name changed recently

Hello Anil/team,

Soon, My H1B extension process is filing by my employer. I am working for a client whose name is recently changed (client name from A to B). But my roles and responsibilities are same, client address / location is same …etc (Everything is the same except the client name).

  1. Do I need to go for H1-B extension (or) H1-B Amendment in this case?
  2. Am I eligible for H1-B extension in Premium Processing (since location / address is same)?

Please advise. Thanks in Advance-

When was the company name changed?

Did your employer file H1B amendment after the company name was changed?

Thank you for your quick reply Anil.

No. H1B Amendment is not yet done because client name is officially changing from Feb-2019 onwards and my employer is waiting for new SOW from the client to proceed filing my extension.

I think it will need an Amendment as the client name is changing.

Okay Anil. Thank you very much.

In this case, I guess i am not eligible for H1B amendment in premium processing.

Is USCIS opening Premium Processing for H1B extensions / Amendments after 19th FEB 2019? Any news on this?

Thanks in Advance-

There is no official news yet from USCIS but hopes are high that they will re-open H1B premium processing on Feb 20, 2019.

Thank you again Anil. Have a nice day.