H1B extension Denied but I-140 approved

Hi Guys,
I would really appreciate if anybody can help with my question.
I was on the 6th year(running) of H1B applied for extension. My H1B extension was processed for premium processing on Sep 2018 and but got RFE. In the mean time my I94 got expired. On December,2018 I came to know about denial for H1B extension and I had to leave USA within 15 days after that.but my I-140 approved more than 1.5 years.
Now my question is ,As I am currently in India so what is the way out to go to USA again as my I-140 stage approved .

Thanks in advance.

You can file H1B extention or H1B transfer to new employer using your approved i140.

The better option would be to file H1B extention with same Employer who file your i140.

Hi Anil,
Thanks for your reply. One more question is, my current employer is suggesting to transfer with other employer as they are saying there can be more chance of rejection if we go with same employer.
And is H1B transfer/extension opened yet for premium processing as I can’t go on receipt or no employer want to wait for long time.

H1B premium processing is only open for “no-change” H1B extension with same employer at this time.