H1B Extension Approval start Date does start from i94 expiry date

Hi Anil,

I got my H1B approval. Have a question for you though. They have given the starting date as when the approved it i.e. Apr 3 2018 rather than next day after my I94 expiry which is Sep 22 2017.

Is it ok? The form that I will recevie is I797A and not I797C (may be because I am still in US and not left yet. Please suggest if you have any thoughts on this.

JFYI - this is my Amendment cum extension petition.

Hi @ankitgarg16

Normally, the approval date is given as your last i94 expiry date to set the records clean.

Wait for the paper approval notice and see what date has been mentioned on it.
Then, we can talk about it further.


I have colleagues here they also have the same way now a days. Although their was amendment as extension was done earlier. Mine was amendment cum extension petition.

But 1 of my other colleague have the same case as mine - her I94 expired on June 1 and she got approval on dec 2017. Her start date on notice also is from dec 2017.

Is it because it is the same I94 no. they are giving and just extending the end date of same I94. It doesn’t change the no. so most recent entry remains same but just that uyour end date of I94 date changes.

May be 240 days after expiry is automatically considered and it’s withing that time approval is given they don’t care now and give the approval date as start date?

Hi @ankitgarg16

I just checked with couple of reliable people and they all have the same approval date format as you. I mean the approval date is marked as the date of real approval.

The new i94 is what works as a proof of your valid stay.

The period between your last i94 expiry and new i94 is automatically deemed valid and you do not need to worry about ‘Out of status’.

You are good.

Thank you so much Anil, this helps.

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