H1B Extension after all 6 years are exhausted

My H1B valid stay will end on Nov 28, 2021 including all the recapture time. My employer has agreed to file the PERM and I expect them to start sometime in June 2021. Considering the timelines and processes involved, I am pretty sure that the PERM approval won’t happen before my validity is up.
While I intend to leave US 60 days before my validity is up, considering the COVID situation I do not want to take any risks for my family if infections are still at peak during the time of travel.
Having said that if I happen to stay in US exhausting all of my valid H1B stay till Nov 28 and then leave to India thereafter,

  1. If my PERM and I140 are approved while I’m in India, will I be able to get a 3 year extension considering that I have already exhausted all my 6 years?
  2. If at all I’m able to leave US 30 days earlier assuming COVID situation is better, does that better my chances in getting a 3 year extension if my I140 is approved?