H1B Employment breaks in Amendment & Employer Change denial With valid I-94.

In 2017 filed an H1- B Extension with Employer A and got an approval till 04/28/2020.

Got a new assignment in a different state and filed an H1-B amendment with employer A on August 07-2017. H1B Amendment denied with Employer A on Feb-28-2018. Employer A didnn’t revoke my initial approved petition.

Filed an H1B Employer transfer to Employer B on April-11-2018 and started working for Employer B. Transfer of employer also got denied on October-23-2018.

Filed an individual petition Change of status to H4 & H4 EAD using spouse H1B on

Jan-04-2019. The H4 COS petition got rejected on Jan-31-2019 for not mentioning the status in application.Corrected the application form and resubmitted the application on Feb-8-2019. We got a new receipt number for the same.

Spouse company was filing an H1B extension on 03/15/2019 in premium so we did concurrent filing in premium for (H1B+H4(filed new petition ) +H4EAD (Again filed new petition). Got an approval for all petitions and my new H4 I-94 & H4 EAD came with Feb 2022 validity.

Note:- In the Amendment & Transfer of employer denial notices they mentioned that I can stay in the US as long as I have valid I-94.( In this case my initial I-94 was still 04/28/2020.)

Question1:- Gap in Employer A Denial Feb-28-2018 and Transfer of employer B Filed on April-11-2018.

Question2 :- Gap in Employer B Transfer denial filed October-23-2018. and COS filed on Jan-04-2019.

I am currently on H4 status. Could you please let me know will the gaps cause any issue in GC processing ? MY PD might get current in OCT20.

This is within the 60 days grace period for H1B.

This is few days over the 60 days grace period. But the fact that your H4/EAD got approved meaning the adjudicating officer disregarded the few days of out-of-status.

It depends on the adjudicating officer, but because the out-of-status period was miniscule, I personally believe that there should be no issue with your GC.