H1B emp A closed business, working on H1B receipt with Emp B - What if H1B denied?

Employer A with H1B closed company - i94 still valid - Working with Emp B on H1B receipt

I am in the same situation as @Venkat, only problem is my employer A has closed the company and I am currently working with employer B ( on receipt notice ).

RFE on Emp B H1B transfer - What if Transfer is denied?

I got an RFE now, the i94 I got with employer A is till sep’19. My questions is:

If the H1b tranfer to employer B is denied, what are my options?
Can I stay for some time until I file a new H1B with another employer?

No, you cannot stay in US if your H1B transfer is denied and when you can’t go back to work for Employer A.

Generally, if transfer is denied, people jump back to old employer if it has still not withdrawn the old H1B approval.
But, in your case, your employer A would have already withdrawn that approval.
So, you do not have that option.

Your current H1B status will end as soon as your H1B transfer is denied.
I would strongly advice to leave US and apply/wait for any other application outside.

In today’s times, USCIS is pretty strict and you should not give them a chance to find a mistake.

can I apply for a change of status(to L2) after denial? (My husband is on L1A)

You can’t stay in US if your H1B is denied in your specific case.
So, basically you will have no status and hence applying for change of status is not possible.

In other words, you can go out of US, get dependent L Visa stamped in passport and then re-enter USA on dependent status.