H1B amendment for Customer and work location changes approval before travel to US


I already have a H1B stamped and valid till March 2022, now my employer is filling for an amendment because of customer & location change but I have been told this time for me to travel to US to this new customer (I’m in India right now) my amendment petition needs to be approved first, I cannot travel just on receipt of this amendment petition which I was doing in past multiple times.

Has some rules regarding this changed recently ? I know there is need to get the NIE approval additionally to travel to US till the time corvid travel ban is in effect.


Not sure how you did it in past but the H1B amendment petition needs to be approved before you start the new job that had material changes to your H1B employment including salary, job position, location etc.
Maybe this time your employer is being more cautious and telling you to travel after approval.