H1B Amendment cum extension denied due to office relocation

Hi Anil,

My H1B amendment cum extension denied

I am working in ABC company and applied h1b amendment cum extension due to company closing the office at present location and moved to other location with same company with different role.

After RFE it’s denied.

My present employer asked me to resign.
What are the possible options for me now? and how many days I can stay in US my Visa valid till sep -20.


Sorry to hear the denial news but you are out of options if you do not have an office to work as per previous approved H1B.

This is same case here and i have answered in detail earlier:

Hi Anil, thanks for your reply.
Mine was permanent role with present employer after h1b amendment denied our employer asked me to resign and it’s over.
Now I am trying for H1B transfer with different company, how much time does it takes?
How many days I can stay in US?
If my h1b transfer not approved within 60 days, what my position next?

At this time, H1B premium processing is suspended and you have to file H1B transfer in regular processing.

You can check the current H1B processing time here (Updated every 3 hours):

You can start working for new employer as soon as you have H1B transfer receipt number within 60 days.
I have covered more scenarios in detail here:

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Hello Anil, thanks for your reply.

Previous H1B approved after CPT

I have one more question actually I worked on CPT in my company and they filed H1B on my bachelors degree and it picked and approved

H1B Amendment denied for location change

when I applied for h1b amendment for location and role change it got denied, my question is any consideration for my MS@US?
My H1-B does not for CAp right?

Your first H1B approval would have already been subjected to CAP.

Do you know the reason for H1B amendment denial yet?
Your employer would have received the detailed denial letter from USCIS.