H1/H4/H4EAD Filing Together

Hi Anil,

i got my 140 approved and my employer will be filing H1 and H4(i539) extensions.
However, I need to file H4 EAD (i765) and have few doubts : 1.eligbility section in form i765 question # 27 is (c)(26)() , the last parenthesis are blank is it correct format ? 2.Do I need a cover letter and form G28 to be filled ? 3. question # 29 asks receipt number of spouse H1B recent i797, my recent petition will be getting over in Jan2024 and employer yet to file H1b extension , should i give this latest receipt number ? 4.Lastly, do i need to fill anything on the last page ADDITIONAL INFORMATION PART 6 . Thanks and Regards !