H1 Amendment and H1 Trasfer from India after I94 expiry and H1 expiry


I have an approved H1 visa which expired in Oct 2020 as I moved back to India. Now i am planning to go back to the usa. My i94 is also expired.

My old employer A (in USA) who sponsored my visa the last is planning to apply for the amendment of my expired visa under cap exempt scenario.

My current employer in INDIA is also ok with H1 tranfer under cap exempt. Both plan to go for consular processing as i am out of status currently.

Can my amendment and h1 transfer be done parallely or will it cause an issue ?

Thank you in advance.

Thank you in advance

Yes, no issues. Both applications can be processed at the same time.

Thank you Kalpesh. If my amendment is rejected, would that affect my H1 trasnfer application ?

No, any decision on one of the application do not affect the other.