H EAD - Job LOA query

Hello All,

My current status:
EAD expiry - Sept 30th 2022
H4 Expiry - Sep 30th 2022 ( But the I-94 which is attached to my current I-797 Approval has Oct 10th 2022 ).
Waiting for receipt no for Extension of H1(premium processing) H4 and H4 EAD.
US Visa expired.

  1. Can I continue to work till Oct 10th 2022 as I have a valid I-94 ? Does the 540 day rule apply here for any reason?
  2. Can my employer put me on LOA after Sept 30th ? as I wont have a valid work permit or should I be resigning. My employer is ready to wait for a month for my return but I am not sure if I will get my H4 and EAD by then.
  3. If I get my H4 approval after Sep 30th, am I still eligible for 540 day rule or should I wait for my EAD approval/card to begin work again ?
  4. If my company decides to put me on LOA, is that right ?I am aware that Form I-9 needs to have a valid date to be on company’s roll and being on LOA may show me as illegal worker and I do not want that.
  5. We tried for Mexican visa but were not given as we had only 3 months validity on I 797, so Mexico is out of question. Is there anyway that I can get my I-94 extension, only hope is border but heard that they don’t allow without valid visa.