Green Card extension. Waiting for citizenship application N-400

My Citizenship My application for citizenship for myself was applied in May 2020. (N-400)The biometrics are completed, so now I’m waiting for the test. My Green card expired on January 18 2021, but because I applied more than 6 months prior to the green card expiration date, USCIS advised me it would not be necessary to renew my green card.

However how can I get written confirmation from USCIS that this is correct, in case I need to go abroad. Is there a form I maybe need to fill out?

Thank you

Paul Pedlow

You wont be able to enter back in the US with a green card that is expired for more than 12 months now. You should apply for a renewal asap without waiting for citizenship interview.

I doubt USCIS will give you anything in writing.