Full time job big company Specialty occupation RFE

Hi Anil

I joined on receipt big company full time job and moved from one city to other but didn’t sign apt lease yet
Just wondering how risky it is to sign a year lease with specialty occupation RFE.

they are going to respond next month or so, I am hesitating to sign year lease how risky is the RFE
for Full time job and big company
it is just that Month to month lease is very expensive

thanks for answering even silly questions just trying to get whats going on in market with Specialty occupation RFE’s

To be frank, it is difficult to get approval after specialty occupation RFE.

I suggest to not sign a long term lease. Rest is your choice.

See this:

Ok Anil

Thanks for the answer, lawyer seems pretty comfortable responding to it but will take precaution.
I checked H1B specialty occupation RFE response page from AM22 Tech you shared and seems like Lawyer is trying to get all the expert opinions

BTW did you hear any denials recently for full time employees in big organizations after providing all the expert opinions and information on the page you shared above?

Hi @sam

The chances of approval are good if you have full time position with a big company. I have heard of approvals if the RFE response has been carefully drafted.