For GC filing do i need to get an experience letter from previous company A?

Hello Anil,

I have left company A and has joined company B.

now B has informed me they will file for green card 1 yr from now, for GC filing do i need to get an experience letter from company A ?

Yes, you would need experience letter AND skill letter from company A.
Basically, you would need to these two letters for last 5 years of work.

Generally, you don’t need these letters at the time of filing GC PERM (step 1), but are required in case there is an audit.

So, most companies ask the employee to submit these letters even before they start the GC process to make sure they don’t face issues in case of audit.

Hello Anil,

I have been contractor for last 11 months at A company and also they consulted me to B company. When i asked from my A company to give me skill letter and verification letter they refused to give me. because they did not oversee or manage my work as that was done so by B company.

Whom should i ask it? what should i do?


Hi @Erdenebayar_Batsukh

The company who filed and holds your H1B has to give you the experience letter. The client will never issue the letter.