Filing H1 Transfer while H4-EAD pending and then convert to H4

My wife is currently working on H1 through an employer A.
I had done a H1B transfer in February which got approved in March.
The associated H4/EAD cases are still not yet approved. But she has completed her Biometrics in Feb.
Now her current job with Employer A will come to an end.
So she wants to move to Employer B. However since her H4/EAD is yet not approved, she wants to file a H1B Transfer request till she gets her H4/EAD. What is the approach we should follow in such scenario if we want to get back to H4/EAD once it gets approved.

So may be we can file the h1 transfer in normal processing, and start working on the receipt. And then do we need to cancel the H1b Transfer filing once H4/EAD gets approved?

Yea i got that part. So while the H1b Transfer is applied, if H4/EAD comes, what can we do with the pending transfer application. Can we cancel it?

You should be able to withdraw the pending H1B transfer anytime.

Hi Anil,

Our request to expedite H4 transfer was approved. Site shows:

# Expedite Request Approved

On July 17, 2020, we approved your request for expedite processing on your Form I-539, Application To Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status

Usually within how many days do they approve H4 after the expedite req is approved.
Once H4 gets approved, they should issue the EAD too.