File LCA and H1B Amendment for work form Home after I go to new location?

Hi, do i have file lca and amendment after i go to the new location? Or do i have to apply before going to new address?

You have to apply BEFORE going and starting work at NEW location.
You can start working at new location once your H1B amendment has been filed and you have received the receipt number.

LCA is off course filed and approved before filing H1B amendment.

Got it thanks. But what if the address of the new location is not confirmed? But the state and city is confirmed?

Unfortunately, address has to be specific as it has to be mentioned on your LCA and your H1B amendment.

This is important as USCIS can do a surprise visit on the work location address that you would have mentioned on your H1B amendment application.
If you are NOT found at address A, USCIS can immediately revoke your H1B.

The rule is:

  1. If you mention address A (any random address as you still have not finalized it) on your H1B amendment and later reside and start working at address B, your employer will have to file a new LCA.

    This is required as your work location has changed from address A to address B.

  2. The second trouble is if address A and address B are in two different MSA (metropolitan statistical area), then a new LCA AND new H1B amendment is REQUIRED.
    So, you will end up where you started!

Hence, it is better to first finalize a home/apartment (your future work location) and then file for LCA and H1B amendment.

Thanks. I dont know how that is going to work as i dont know what will be my future address!