Fastest way to move from F1 to H4/H4 EAD

I am currently working on F1 STEM OPT extension which is expiring on 5th June, 2019 and my husband is on H1-B with an approved I-140 for green card.

My H1-B was filed this year in premium but I haven’t heard if my application was picked in the lottery.

If my application is not picked in the lottery this year, I will have to move to H4 and H4-EAD to continue working in the US.

So, in my case, what will be the best and the fastest way to get converted to H4 and obtain a H4-EAD.

I know I can file both together and go on a leave of absence at my job till I receive my EAD. And the estimated timeline for this might be 5-6 months.

So is there any better way to move to H4 and H4-EAD with the least period of absence from my work.

I was suggested to just re-enter US with a fresh H4 and then apply for EAD once I am in the country.
But I don’t know if this will be faster and if it will work.

Please advice. Thanks in advance.

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Going out of US, getting H4 visa stamp, entering on H4 and then applying H4 EAD is the fastest way to get on to H4 EAD.

Thanks for the response Anil. Just FYI, it was not copied. I have posted this question in multiple forums like DesiOPT, Immihelp, Murthy Law firm and Truvisa. Just trying to figure out the best option for my visa issues.

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Just wondering, did you reply reply on other forums?

Yes. I did get reply on other forums. Its a common suggestion of going out of the US and coming back with a fresh H4 and then applying for an EAD. Just wanted to check if thats the right thing to do.

Good to know. Let me know if you need more information.