Expedite H4 EAD extension request for faster result?

I had applied for an #h4-ead extension in Jan 2018 at the California Service Center.

I still haven’t received my EAD. It’s been almost 6 months now.

I have raised 3 service request for which they replied saying that it is under normal processing time.

How to expedite H4 EAd application?

I would like to expedite my case now, I have a employer letter and an offer letter with me.

Does anyone have any information on how to expedite EAD through USCIS?

What expedite criteria should be used for H4 EAD?

Under which expedite criteria should I be applying, if I have offer letter/employer letter?


USCIS H4 EAD expedite request reason

You can apply for expedite request but you will have to provide proofs of your claim from one of the options that you choose as the reason for ‘expedite’.

Most of the time, people choose ‘Financial Loss’ as the reason.

But, proving it is difficult as the salary loss or job loss is not usually considered by USCIS as valid reason for expediting your EAD request out of normal processing.

I have explained it in detail here:

Expedite request with Congress Member

The chances of expedite request acceptance are higher when congressman requests it on your behalf.
Once, one of my close friend got his EAD approved on the LAST day of his EAD expiry when congressman intervened.
His expedite request was denied by USICS earlier for same ‘Financial reason’.