Employer not sharing I-140 number. Use USCIS FOIA G-639 form - Email or Postal Application?

I applied for H4 ead but employer did not provide approved I-140 copy, where I send other documents for employer and he attached approved I-140 copy.
If USCIS approves H4 EAD, will EAD approval notice contains I-140 number any means? How to get I-140 number?
Please advice.

No, I-140 number is neither mentioned on i-765 EAD approval nor on EAD card.

You either have to ask your employer for I-140 number or submit a FOIA request with USCIS.

Thanking you Anil Gupta, for helping on this.
Can i send email with scanned & Signed G639 form with purpose like “please provide me the copy of approved I-140 copy” and Do i need to send scanned DL and I-797 scan copy?
If so, Do i need to self attest or should be notorized?
May i Know current time frame for FOIA request & will it be on Track 1 as this is simple request?
Thanking you…

Hi @myvisa122

  1. Yes, you can apply for FOIA request using G-639 form by email.

Complete process with sample G-639 form is available here:

  1. No need to send DL and I-797 scanned copy.

  2. The current processing times are mentioned on above link.

  3. Yes, it will counted as Track 1 application by USCIS.