EAD card approved and moving apartment address

Hello Anil,

Thanks for all the help. I see my case status got approved and card in production as of today 01/16/2018.
Unfortunately we are moving from our current place to next block. I’m moving on 01/19/2018 EOD.

Do you think I should update my address with USCIS to get OPT EAD card to new place or should I instead let the mail arrive to old address and then try to collect from old apartment complex.

My old address is not going to get leased out to until 01/29/2019.

Thanks again!

You can set up USPS mail forwarding service free of cost which helps you forward your incoming mails including EAD card to your new address automatically for upto 1 year.

Let me know if you need more information.

Thanks Anil,

I was thinking of same.
However I read online usps ignores forwarding services for immigration and uscis related mails.

Is that true?

I don’t think USPS ignores incoming USCIS mail for forwarding. I have not heard about it earlier.

If that happens, your mail will be returned to USCIS and then you can request it to be sent to new address.