EAD Approved, H1 transfer from company A to B

I could not get correct/genuine information from internet. Your answers will really help.
My i140 is approved in 2019. My spouse is working on H4 - EAD. If I transfer from company A to company B.

  1. Do I need to again apply for PERM and i140 in company B?
  2. My spouse EAD is approved until Feb 2024. By then do I need to obtain i140 approved from company B so that my spouse
    can apply for EAD card again ?
  1. Yes
  2. As it’s been more than 180 days after 140 approval, that you changing your employer, the 140 remains approved even though your company A withdraws it. This can be used for multiple future H1B extensions and H4 Ead extensions. No need for a new 140 just for Ead extension