Do we have to wait 90 days to apply H4-EAD after coming to US on H4?

I got my H4 visa more than 3 months back and came to USA recently.

Its been 70 days that I have been in USA.

My question would be can I apply for my H4 EAD right away or do I need to wait for 90 days before I qualify for H4 EAD.

H4 EAD 90 day requirement?

There is no such requirement to wait for 90 days, that we know of, to apply to H4-EAD at this time.

If you are eligible for H4-EAD, you can apply for it anytime.

H4 EAD eligibility criteria

Spouse of H-1B visa holder who meets the following criteria can apply for H4-EAD:

  1. Have valid H-4 status.
  2. Are able to provide evidence of the H-1B visa holder’s approved I-140, Immigrant Petition. This I-140 can be from any U.S. employer and must not be revoked or withdrawn;
    Are working in the US in your 7th year of H-1B status because you have a PERM application that was filed before the end of your 5th year of H-1B status.

Complete step by step process to apply for H4-EAD is available here.