Date of leaving abroad and period of stay abroad in Passport renewal?

Hi Anil,

Need details for below points:

Date of leaving India:
Period of stay abroad:

I came to US in 1st Jun 2017.

Recently I went to India and stayed there 2 weeks, returned to US on 8 April 2018.
Please let me know what dates I need to put for above questions.

Also what date i need to put for “Residing in USA since”?
My first entry date (1-Jun-2017) or recent entry date 8-April-2018.

Period of stay: 10 months or 7 days??

Just choose any one date and use it on all forms. They should match.
It does not matter which one you choose. It could be the first one or the most recent one. There is no clear guidance by government on which one to use.
So, just choose any one and use it on all forms.

Thank you Anil.

Can i put 1 June 2017 For both “Date of leaving India:” & "Residing in USA since: " ??

It is mentioned in FAQ:
In the National verification form, the date of leaving India is the first time of leaving India or last ( or most recent)?
It is a pretty vague question. I entered my most RECENT date of leaving India.

You can use your first entry date to USA = 1 June 2017

Period of stay = 10 months