Change of status H4 to F1 query

My spouse’s h1b is under process for work location amendment , can I still go ahead with filing change of status from H4 to F1 ?Please help

Hi @MonikaJain

Yes, you can file H4 to F1 change of status as long as your own H4 is valid.

Hello Anil.thanks for reply. Do I need to send my spouse’s documents copies such as i797 or anything else .If yes please tell what are all documents copies from his H1B part are attached along with my change of status application.Thanks

Hi @MonikaJain

F1 is an independent visa and does not require any document from H1B.

Thanks Anil.
My current address and address on my acceptance letter from university is different, will it be a problem. If yes, what should I do?

Hi @MonikaJain

Address should not be an issue as address can change.

While raising my change of status from H4 to F1 Do I have to submit original i20 or a Xerox copy?

Also, As I am requesting change of address in my SEVIS, Do I need to request for new i20 or existing with old address will work?

Hi @MonikaJain

I am not aware of specific I20 requirements here. Sorry.