Chances of Software Engineer with 65 points (Senior salesforce Achitect) to get ITA

Hi Anil,

I’m a Software Engineer (MCA). Worked as Salesforce Developer (9 Years) and Salesforce Architect (1Year) in India and USA(4 years)

Currently working for Australian Largest Telecom Company Telstra in India.

looking for immigration either in Canada or Australia

For Australia I’ve 65 points and

For Canada I’ve scored 386 points. (Paid fees for WES Canada.)

Based on

  1. Age (35)

  2. Experience (10+ Years)

  3. Education (Masters In Computer Application from India)

  4. IELTS Score 7.5 (R 9, W7.5, S7, L8)


  • Whether I could get some weighted in Australian EOI as I’m working with Telstra or not.
  • Whether 65 points are good enough to get invitation or I should try to give PTE as from several blogs I’ve read scoring in PTE is easier than IELTS. I already have 7.5 in IELTS which fetch 10 points only. Thus I would be able to increase my points to 75. But again I’ve to pay fee for PTE and further ACS fee also.
  • Which code could fetch me better options while filing EOI and ITA as I’m working as Senior Salesforce Architect.
  • OR I should try to get PNP nomination in Canada only through some consultancy and go there. As my baby is USA citizen (2 year old now) so I should remove Australia PR option and try Canada PR only.
  • Canada has better job opportunities or Australia.

Please suggest and feel free to call me at +91 9140840401


Chances of software engineer with 65 points - very LOW

Chances of Australia invitation as software engineer with 65 points are very low.

It is better you give PTE to get 10 more points and reach 75 to have better chances.

Canada vs Australia

Not sure how are you planning to get to Canada with some consultancy.
If you can get Canada PR, it is better in the sense that you can work remotely for US company with same.time zone.
Salaries in Canada are far lower than what you get in US. So, take a calculated risk.

Australia has growing market for IT and salaried are good as compared to Canada.

Hi, I have Submitted EOI with 65points for 189 under 261313(Software Engineer) on Oct 15 2018. When can I expect the Invite?

Also what’s the probability if I change it to 190 which would increy by 5points.

Thanks in advance.

To be frank, there is no chance of invite with 65 points in 261313 at this time.
You should try to increase your points to at-least 70 to have any realistic chance of invite.

We have seen that 190 invites are only sent to people with highest points in their job code. For 261313, you will get 190 nomination only if you have 75 points and top score in English.