Chances of ANZSCO code 263111 Computer Network Systems Engineer, 65 points, age 38yrs 4 months


I have 65 points and my current age is (38yrs 4 months) and if applying under 189 subclass and 70 points if applying under 190 subclass (preferably NSW) based on my profile “Computer Network and Systems Engineer” . Are there chances I will get PR before I reach 39yrs 11 months (Aug 2020 - Before I loose 10 points).

Kindly advice


The chances are very low for an invite with 65 points.

We already have a long waiting for 70 points.
How much points are you getting for English exam? You can increase your points if you can get good score.

Even for 190 sub class with 70 points, do we see long waiting?

Yes. We are seeing long waiting.

How about applying for 489? Please mention pros and cons

This might help:

Thanks a lot for your quick response Anil

Hi Anil,

Do we have link to look at recent quotas/release in terms of invites for 189 & 190 sub class


Its given on the skillselect invitation page of Australia immigration. But, it has not been updated since Oct 11, 2018 at this time.

Does migration agent (MARA) can see Nov and Dec 2018 invite round details?

I don’t think they can. Not sure though.