Can i Switch Employer having only H4 Approval Courtesy Copy ( i 797 C )?


My Spouse Last Approved H4 Petition (i-94 Expired on 25-Jul-2021 ) and My current employer PAID and Filled H4 Extension Petition (filled on 02-Jul-2021) for my spouse and it got approved now (until 2023). I just got the courtesy Approval copy - i797 -C (not having i-94)

When i ask my Employer for the Actual H4 Approval Copy ( i -797 A) which is having the i94 attached to it , he is purposefully delaying it saying its not yet received

I have the below questions

  1. With Just H4 Courtesy Approval Copy (i-797c) in hand, Can i join my NEW Employer (H1B already Approved until 2024)

  2. Can my Current Employer deny to provide the Actual H4 Approval copy (i-797 A with i94 attached to it) if I resign now (as he paid for the H4 Extension Petition fees and the Attorney Fees)?

  1. Can i Fill H4 again with my NEW Employer (having just only the H4 Courtesy Approval Copy i797C) ?

  2. Any knows Risks to it?

Yes you can.

Even if your employer paid for H4 extension, H4 is not an employer sponsored petition. The petitioner is your H4 spouse and your employer will have no right by law to not provide you the original approval notice.

Ideally you need to attach the copy if I-797A. Your H4 dependent may request a copy from USCIS by filing form I-824.