Can I file Change of transfer from H1 to H4 online

Hi Anil,

Can I file Change of transfer from H1B to H4 online?
If so , please guide me the process.

Sai Neele

H4 Online filing is available only in specific situations. Read here:

Thanks Anil for quick response.

I just checked the document , seems like i need do paper file.

Hi Anil,

Am filing for H1B to H4. single applicant. can I file online? how will I pay biometric and COS fee? will there be options for that? to which centre will they send if am filing online because if I file by mail I know where am sending. online there is no way will the centre change based on online application or will it be same as my spouse’s H1B processed centre?

can I file for H1B to H4 transfer online and file EAD using the receipt notice as paper ?

Yes, you can file H4 COS online and then EAD as paper application.

when applying for COS and EAD together, what should i mention as my current status in the EAD application form? I have applied for H4 and have receipt number and also it has been more than 60days since I lost my job on H1B. so am not sure if i should meniton as H1B(because that expired) or H4 (As its approval is still pending)

Hi Anil,
I am not able to find H1 as current status in the COS form. Is the online form for H1 to H4 COS is not supported anymore ?

H1 COS should be filed using form i-129 and has to be sponsored by an employer.

Hi Nivedita,
I have the same issue as you.
I can not find H1B status on the list that online application recommends as your current non immigrant status.I was thinking maybe we should choose “1BS” as the current non immigrant status.
Did you finally filed online?