Can I change my ANZSCO job code from 261399 to 261313 or 261312: Developer Programmer?

I need your kind help to let me know which ANZSCO code to choose as i have worked in the below roles.

Software Developer
Graphic Designer / Website Developer
Software Engineer
Marketing Web Developer
Web Developer
Regional Administrator and Developer
Computer Programmer Analyst
Technical Lead

I choose 261399: Software and Applications Programmers nec earlier and got my ACS report.

Can i submit to ACS with ANZSCO 261313: Software Engineer (or) 261312: Developer Programmer?

Please advice, it is urgent. Thanks in advance.

Apply for new ANZSCO code with ACS if 65% of job duties match

You can apply for ANZSCO 261313: Software Engineer (or) 261312: Developer Programmer, if your job duties match 65% with the job code.

Everything depends on what is written in your employment experience letters.

In your case, I strongly believe that you can apply for ACS assessment for either of these job codes.

You may want to go through the ACS assessment step by step process and sample ACS letter: