CA inter qualified eligibility for WES


I cleared CA inter and first group of CA finals, but second group is pending and hence CA is not complete. Also, I have B Com. degree.

Based on CA inter and B Com. can I claim 22 points in WES education assessment?


Hi @Abie

You have to get the WES assessment done first. If they give positive assessment for your education, then you can claim the points.

That is exactly the question. Is CA inter qualified as a 1 yr or 2 yr diploma?

I am not sure. There are hundreds of courses and i am not an expert in each one.
So, can’t really say.

CA Inter is likely to be assessed a university diploma or college certificate. You can then use the Two or more degrees/certificate option while filing your express entry profile.

Hi Sandeep,

Thanks for your response.
Question- Did you came across any such case in the past? was it successful?


I haven’t personally met anyone with these credentials. But I did search online and looked at few sources to confirm this.

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