Business Analyst, 189 with 75points, EOI 13 Feb with new immigration law

Appiled for 189, with 75points on 13th Feb 2019, for Business Analyst.
When do you think is the best guesstime for it with new immigration law changes?

Chances of 189 invite will reduce drastically unless you are not able to get an invite before July 2019.

If you have scope of increasing the points, try to reach 80 to get an invite faster.
But, with 75 points, your category is already in ‘pro-rata’ and is backlogged by almost 5 months today.

More info:

Thank you wo much Anil.

I was checking the invitation round
JAN - Date of Effective was 3/10/2018
FEB- Date of Effective is 6/9/2018

Can you please answer how did the DOE went backward for the feb month please?

The possible explanation is that lot of EOIs which were duplicate were removed from the queue and then the others got a chance to get invite.

Many people create multiple EOIs and get invite on all of them. But, they can just apply for final visa using only one of the EOI.

The other duplicate ones are removed after they have been invited twice and user has not taken any action on the invite.

Hey Anil,
I have got a full time employment in NSW, is there a way i can update that on my EOI so i can get an early invitation?
Currenyl appiled with 75 + 5 for NSW, Business Analyst.

Are you currently in Australia or outside Australia?

Do you already have any other type of Australian work permit?

I am currently in Melbourne on my post study graduate visa which will finish in September 7 2019

There is really nothing in 189/190 PR that can get you early invite simply on the basis of a job offer.

If you start working and get work experience, then, you can definitely get more points for your EOI.