Average English - Want to try PTE academic after trying IELTS general

I have an average English and I want to try the PTE academic (after trying IELTS general) but I’m little bit afraid of the academic content. What I understood is that you have more room to make mistakes in PTE than you have in IELTS.

In IELTS reading to get 7 you have to answer 34 out of 40 questions correctly which is 85% ! but to get 65 in PTE does it mean you have to answer 72% correctly? (65/90)

I just want to understands how the scoring in PTE works in terms of the total number of points, does the 90 score means 90 points collected? I mean does the total points for any section equal to 90 points?

Average English is Good for PTE

The way you have written this comment, i can easily say that you have good English writing skills to get highest marks in PTE.

You just have to speak and write in same way that you have written this comment.

PTE tests multiple skills with one question

PTE scoring is not straightforward as IELTS. Each question in PTE may be testing more than one area. For example, There are question when you have to listen to a speech and then write it down.
So, one question will contribute to both listening and writing score.

PTE scoring is fairer than IELTS

PTE as a test is difficult than IELTS. But, i still say it is easy to score as it is computer based and no human scoring bias is involved.

I have written about my experience between IELTS (attempted twice) and PTE (attempted once) here:

Anil, your post was the main reason I switched from IELTS to PTE and I’m so glad I did. I’ve been able to get my target score at the first attempt :slight_smile:

I can’t thank you enough for this, every word you wrote found to be 100% true!

That’s awesome news. I am glad it helped you.

So, what is your next step? Are you looking at filing Australia PR application or something else?