Apply LCA again after H1B extension denial to file another extension?

Hi Anil,

Please help me with you suggestion.

H1B denied due to Employer Employee Relationship

Received RFE in Sep 1st week and My i94 got expired, last week my H1 extension denied.

I am planing to leave country this week, and planing to re-apply same extension same employer with same client.

Apply New H1B extension in Premium?

I have question about my H1 re-Apply, am I eligible to apply in Premium?? This is second time applying same employer same client.

Do I need to apply for LCA again?

Or can I use previous one that we used with denied H1B extension?

Eligible for Premium Processing after first H1B extension denial

Yes, you are eligible for H1B premium processing if you file at Nebraska processing center.

Fix the denial reason first

If you don’t fix the denial reason before re-applying extension, the chances of denial again are very high.

Re-Use LCA if No change in Job description and salary

You can use the same LCA as long as there is no change in the job description, salary and other details approved in the LCA.