Apply H4EAD with H1B amendment. H4 EAD start date after approval?

I am planning to file H1B amendment for me, along with H4-EAD filing for the first time to my spouse. my current visa and H4 visa is valid till July 2019. if approval for EAD would be given, then what would be the start date for the EAD? will it be approval date or from July 2019 onwards?

H4 EAD Start date

H4 EAD start date would be the date it is approved by USCIS.

H4 EAD End Date

H4 EAD end date would be same as H4 end date.

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Will be applying in premium (H1B ammendment + H1B & H4 extension + EAD). what is the processing time?

H1B premium processing is currently suspended.
So, you will not be able file premium processing request.

We track regular H1B processing time here - Updated daily:

Thank you for the response, Anil. I believe premium processing is still allowed for non profit organisations. is that right? If so what would be the processing times for H1B/H4 extension and EAD.

Only H1B Cap Exempt employer premium allowed at California Center

Yes, Premium processing is only allowed for Cap-Exempt employer (most non profit employers qualify) but ONLY at California Service center.

You cannot choose service center. USCIS decides it.

H1B Premium Processing time

Premium processing time is 15 calendar days.

H4 and H4 EAD do not have the option of premium processing.
But, as a courtesy, USCIS does process them in premium time if filed together, which you do plan to do.

Note that it is not guaranteed that USCIS will process H4 and H4 EAD in premium. In 95% of cases, they do.
But, in some cases, they do not.
It all depends on your luck.

Anil, thanks u for quick reply.

I forget to mention that I planning to file H1B ammnedment + H1B & H4 Extension + new H4 EAD.

Will the date start date of H4 EAD after approval will remain the same in this scenario too?

I am not able to understand what is different in this scenario?

I want to make sure that its you understand it as not just H1B ammendment.
It is H1B ammendment + H1B Extension.

Technically, they both mean the same thing in real sense.

You are not filing 2 separate H1B applications. Right? It is just one application which mentions the points that have changed from your current H1B approval.

You are applying for 3 years H1B work authorization every time you apply.
All H1B applications are same as new H1B.

Its only for reference and easy understanding that people have given them different names like transfer, amendment and extension.

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Thats right its only one H1B application.
Interesting, I didn’t know that the transfer, ammendment and extensions are pretty much the same thing.

Yes, they are all same.

Only few points change in the application based on your current scenario.

For example:

H1B Amendment

If you are changing your work location with same employer or any other material change, you file H1B again and it is called amendment. This is because only a part of your current H1B approval has changed.
But, you still file the whole H1B application with same fees and same process.

H1B Transfer

Your employer changes and you again file new H1B application to get it reflected on your H1B. Same H1B application process and fees except that the supporting documents need to come from new employer.

H1B Extension

Most of the time, you just want to extend i.e. add another 3 years to your current H1B approval. Hence, it is called extension. Same H1B process and fees are followed.

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Nice information. Thank you