Applied for 189, Apply for 190 without a job offer from employer?

I have applied for 189 visa category. How to get qualified for 190 visa?

Can I submit the expression of interest without having an offer from the employer/sponsor?

Select 190 visa while filling 189 visa EOI

While filling EOI for 189, you have the option to select ‘190’ visa option and then choose the state.

There is no need for job offer to choose 190.

I already submitted 189 can I still change for 190 as well?

Which one is beneficial in your opinion and what are the cons for the other?

Yes, you can change your EOI anytime and select the 190 option as well.

But, remember that as soon as you change and ‘Submit’, your date of effect will change

Both are beneficial and you may get 190 invite earlier than 189 sometimes.

With 190 nomination, do remember that you will have to LIVE in that state for at-least first 2 years after getting PR.