Any timeline on when H4 EAD will be terminated


My wifes H4 EAD expires on 15June 2019. I might switch employers next month so I will file my wifes H4 and H4EAD concurrently. Is there any timeline when this new rule of revocation will take place?

At this time, there is no concrete timeline defined by DHS.

But, we have created an estimation based on how slow or fast DHS makes decision and shared it here:

I personally think that DHS will take another year to publish the final rule i.e. around Nov 2019.

Thanks Anil.

That helps. I am not sure though if they will revoke the existing ones already. But i believe they will allow the ones in place to expire naturally.

Yes, the widespread expectation is that DHS will allow the existing H4EAD to run through their expiry.

But, you never know what DHS may have in their bag of surprises.