Any maximum time gap limit between VAC (biometric) & Consular interview?

Hello Sir,

I’ve a generic question on “is there any maximum time gap between the VAC(biometric) and Consular interview(for H4)”

Background - I’m applying H4 visa for my wife and this is the first time she is going to appear for Visa interview. I’ve tried to book an appointment, but to our convenient I find the gap between the dates of VAC and Consular appointment which is around 40+ days. Although I’ve already booked an appointment with below dates, but I wanted to check if something that I need to reconsider.

For H4 visa stamping:
VAC(Biometric appointment date) = 22-Mar-2019
Consular Interview = 02-May-2019

Around 41 days gap as per the current appointment schedule. Is this fine? Or should I need to consider making an VAC appointment close to Consular interview date. It would be great to hear your advise.


Do not worry. There is no such time gap limit between VAC and interview as per my information.

If the system is allowing you to schedule the appointments, then you should be fine.

We are seeing this gap issue with multiple people as the interview date availability has reduced considerably in last couple of months.

Hi Venkatesh,
Even i am in similar condition and gap is around 60 days and system is allowing to book slots even if gap is around 90 days. Could you please let me know is that fine ?